Technical FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What demographic data do I need to collect from my users?

You will need to supply some demographic data to the model including birth sex, birth year and language in order to benchmark individuals and improve accuracy. For more details on gathering these see our integration guide.

What activities can I use with the Activity Plugin?

Our plugin currently includes two activities:

  • Reading out loud: a speaking activity asking you to read a story

  • Image description: a speaking activity asking you to describe an illustration

  • Answer a question: a speaking activity asking you to answer a question

For details on controlling which activity your users get see our integration guide.

How long does it take for the results to come back?

The time is proportionate to the recording duration but you can expect approximately 30 seconds. We're always working on providing a faster response.

What outputs will my users be able to access?

User scores will be returned to you as the client and you decide how you would like to present these to the user. See our integration guide and the white paper for details of the scores.

Where do I go if I am experiencing technical issues?

Please take a look at our troubleshooting page.

Where can I find out more about the model used in Helios?

See our white paper.

How do you handle GDPR compliance for the health data provided by users?

We are fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant, ISO27001 cybersecurity certified and an approved UK and government software vendor. All of our data is fully anonymised and any person can ask for their data to be deleted at any time.

What happens if I exceed the allowed wellness checks in my plan?

If you go over your plan's allowance one month then every additional wellness check is charged at 50p. This will be billed at the end of the month of usage.

Do you have a testing environment I can use?

No, your Activation Key gives you access to a single environment. However, we appreciate that while you're building out your integration you'll want to send in some test requests. Therefore for the first 2 months of your subscription we allow an additional 15% of the usual plan's wellness checks for free.

How do I update, manage or cancel my subscription?

Please contact our team at to make any changes to your subscription.