Overview of Thymia Helios

Helios is thymia’s premier wellness product, dedicated to providing comprehensive scores for burnout, stress, confidence and more. It explores the depth of emotions, thoughts and identity within an individual’s speech. By examining acoustics and content, Helios uncovers the emotional signals and insights hidden in everyday communication, offering a clearer view of mental wellbeing.

Our AI meticulously tracks various movements that can be captured on a device camera including eye-gaze patterns, facial micro-expressions, head angle, and upper body movements. These ethical models then analyse voice, movement and behaviour to deliver clinical grade insights into mental health and wellbeing, all controlled through the Helios API.

Simple to integrate

Easily integrate Helios into your platform with our Activity Plugin. Utilise thymia’s proprietary activities to collect voice and video data, seamlessly processed by the Helios AI in the backend. With just a few lines of code, embed our engaging, gamified activities into your platform, establishing a comprehensive mental wellness checker for your users.

Supporting advanced uses cases

For advanced applications, you can feed existing recordings of users’ voice and video directly through the Helios API to our AI models. This feature allows you to maintain the same high quality wellness results while having full control over the user experience and journey from start to finish, ensuring a tailored and consistent experience for all users.

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