Named one of the Top 21 Mental Health companies worldwide!

  • Named one of the Top 21 Mental Health companies worldwide!

  • Named one of the Top 21 Mental Health companies worldwide!

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Thymia’s mission is to make mental health as objectively measurable and monitorable as physical health.

In the same way that a blood pressure cuff or thermometer tracks your physical health from poor to great, thymia does the same for your mental health.

Thymia company overview

Thymia company overview

Thymia is a pioneering mental health tech startup based in London.

The company was founded by neuroscientist Dr Emilia Molimpakis, theoretical physicist and AI expert Dr Stefano Goria and healthcare growth specialist Gabrielle Powell in 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

Combining the power of cutting edge AI and Neuroscience with the flexibility and engagement of video games, thymia is bringing about a paradigm shift in how mental health is tracked, treated and spoken about. 

Instead of answering subjective and often biased questions, patients are invited to play simple but engaging video games on our platform. The games utilise neuropsychology, linguistics and machine learning to detect signs of mental health conditions and their core symptoms. This helps clinicians to diagnose conditions, but also to see whether patients are responding to treatment over time.

Our games include verbally describing animated scenes, memorising cards and moving objects like bees. Whilst patients are playing, our software is actively and uniquely analysing three key data streams: 


How someone sounds and what they are saying (to pick up both acoustic and linguistic cues)


Everything we can pick up from a smart device camera. Includes eye-gaze patterns, facial micro-expressions, upper body movements and twitching


Everything else we pick up; includes tapping, typing, swiping, reaction times and error rates

Our software analyses the data streams anonymously to detect special patterns that are indicative of mental health symptoms, also known as biomarkers. We look at thousands of data points per individual and each individual is compared against our proprietary dataset of thousands of healthy and patient volunteers. With 1.1 billion data points gathered to date, it is the largest dataset of its kind in the world!

We help clinicians to diagnose efficiently and accurately whilst also enabling them to remotely monitor patients in between appointments and over time in much more depth than any questionnaire ever could.

Our multi-modal approach also means that we can easily apply our technology across different cultures and languages.

The technology has also been translated to be used for mental wellness. We help mental health and corporate wellbeing providers to spot indicators of mental wellbeing such as stress, exhaustion, burnout and mental strain earlier to power earlier and more effective interventions for mentally healthy teams.  



With over 200 publications between the team, thymia has proven scientific excellence.



Thymia has received fantastic publicity with over 400 press mentions in the last 3 years.


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