Named one of the Top 21 Mental Health companies worldwide!

  • Named one of the Top 21 Mental Health companies worldwide!

  • Named one of the Top 21 Mental Health companies worldwide!


Here you can find our frequently asked questions about thymia and our products.

Will Thymia comply with our data governance policies?

Very likely so. If you are based in the UK or Europe then everything is covered in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. For anyone outside these regions we will sign an additional Data Protection Agreement (DPA) during onboarding. Please ask our team on for our DPA .

Are these Wellness checks really anonymous?

Data security is at our core and we are proud to maintain the highest standards of ethics and accountability in the way we handle users’ personal data. We require our clients to adhere to the same ethical standards as us - to maintain anonymity we  will only share data with any employer when it is aggregated to a group of at least 3 - and we require all our clients to do the same.

For all information about when and how we share your data please see our privacy policy here.

What is meant by “Activity Plugin integration?”

The activity plugin is one of the ways that thymia helios can be integrated into your own platform or system. This is an API with a thymia front end UX that plugs our activities into your platform and then provides output scores in the back end.

What is meant by “Media API access?”

The Media API is a pure data API. While the activity plugin has a built-in user interface, the Media API would require collection of the data directly by you and then sent through the API for assessment.

Do you partner or integrate with EAP companies?

Yes. In fact, we’ve already partnered with a number of EAP solutions around the world! Please contact us for more details.

How do I integrate the Activity Plugin?

See our technical documentation for detailed information on the technical set up

How do I buy only the Media API?

Each package includes access to both the Activity Plugin and Media API. See our technical documentation for complete information on how to integrate the Media API 

Do you help with the integration?

We provide all the documentation your technology team should need to integrate on their end via our API. However, we can not perform the actual technical integration. If you require more help or have any questions you can contact our team on

What time is support open?

Our customer support is always available on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Where can I sign up for thymia apollo’s clinical products?

At the moment thymia apollo is available for partner clinics to use as an investigational device. From January 2024, in the UK, you will be able to subscribe to the apollo Activity plugin or Medical API. We will then be launching in Brazil and then in Europe later in 2024. 

If you would like to learn more about joining our clinical partnerships programme and using apollo as an investigational device then please contact us on

What languages does thymia helios support?

English (including accented English), Spanish, Indonesian 

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